Monday, October 13, 2008

With Even More Other People's Money

Great relief was enjoyed by bankers, stock brokers and all sorts of high capital holders with the ‘European command’ to take the huge capital that for at least 3 years across Europe (and globally as well) has been deprived and sapped from the People, telling the People that the cashtills are empty and that there it no money for anything (not for pensions, nor aid, nor medical care, nor education) and to give it to the frivolously ‘experimenting’ bankers who theoretically ‘mismanaged’ and in essence embezzled / had the capital which they had amassed from the People (through loans, deposits, small investments, repossessions, even fees from the millions of thousands of transactions taking place daily in Europe).

Suddenly, when the banks demanded it, the principles of new-liberalism which up to now exalted and considered sacred and unbreachable (and therefore the State did not intervene in the course of the economy leaving the People to waste away and be robbed by the blatant usurious lawbreaking of the banks) were trampled on immediately and blatantly: instead of allowing the economy to ‘self-regulate’ as they told the People when the People asked and is asking for the State to intervene for them, the governments rushed to give ‘barrelfuls’ of money they up to now claimed did not exist for anything and certainly not for regulation of the economy by the state; and they did this without any guarantee or profit for the People themselves.

The People’s loans have no safety net as there is for the loans banks take. Each Citizen and his/her fortune is still at risk, the banks declared they want to make profit out of the crisis and the State for sure has not declared at all that it will do anything to regulate the economy on any other level than the fortification of the banks.

The banks declared they want to make profit and this means the following:

1. ruthless forming of installments of the loans so that they will be unbearable by any household.
2. uncontrollable repossessions (since the State does not guarantee nor protects a Citizen who goes bankrupt due to the financial crisis).
3. demands by the State for privileges and fundings beyond the barrelfuls of money already slated to be handed over.
4. exploitation of an economy which withers more and more since all the wealth that normally belongs to the ones who produce it, i.e. to the People, will be siphoned even more than it is today to the personal pockets of those using the banks as fronts.

That which all the States declared confirms the policy that was apparent and has been apparent since at least 1970 when on the People was imposed (on different dates/ years in each State) the policy of frugality:

That the policy of new-liberalism is not that which officially states (i.e., to allow all the market without exception on all levels free, without control or intervention by the State, and each one depending on his/her merit to progress or not in it) but a manipulation where the State works still as a State does, regulating artificially the market to the interest of a social group, only this group is not the People but the bankers and the ones who represent the banks. That is why the State obstructed tooth and nail every member of the People from existing independently financially speaking, from not being blackmailed that they will lose what they have if they haven’t deposited it at the bank, and from not being able due to heavy taxation and obligation by the State, that did not include the class of the bankers and above, to survive without a loan.

Therefore, there never was new-liberalism because in there had been it is mathematically certain that few of the ones presenting themselves as successful big businessmen would be able to rise up to the actual challenge against the real business people of the People who, despite the hostile policy of annihilation by the State manage to survive.

That which exists and has always existed is the influence of the State on economy either to the interest of great capital holders or to the interest of the People. Historically there almost never was (regardless of tags/ regimes) a regulation of the economy by the State to the interest of the people, and when there was it didn’t last for more than a year or two.

Therefore, the relief they advertise Europe achieves regarding the international crisis in just the way they strategically communicate the huge international robbery of the People everywhere which, as they very clearly say, not only is not finished but will continue with high interest rates, inflation, hunger which will take capital continually from the People to give it to the banks based on the plan by Gordon Brown for the state cashtills of bank support.

The true behavior and sense of a State to the interest of the Citizen is something we will describe and present as a fully viable plan from an economic and organizational point of view at the end of this week in the Human Support Services Editorial.

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